1 amazingly unexpected use for safety pins

An amazing use for a standard household item you didn’t know existed!

You may know it more specifically by the brand name usually associated with the hook and loop fastening system, called Velcro, but brand name or not, this fastener has been loved and hated since the 1940’s. Most of us are not familiar with the generic term of hook and loop closure, but that is exactly what it is. Initially invented by and English engineer when he was curious about how the burs of plants were sticking to his clothing and his dogs fur, we now hold numerous things together with this handy invention.

There are convenient strips on lots of children’s clothing and shoes enabling them to dress themselves, and there is even hook and loop on our jackets as an added element of protection on the zipper flap. It is commonly used on costumes for halloween or theatre performances when quick changes are imperative.

Over time, the loop end of the Velcro, gets lint build up in it from repeated wear or use. It gets to the point where our super easy fastener does not fasten at all as both sides become entangled in lint and string and other fibers.

The handy tool that I have found quite effective in removing the unwanted lint is the basic safety pin. The larger the better to be able to handle as you gently push the sharp end if the pin through each side of the closure a few time each to loosen the lint that is embedded. Pull the lint out as you slide the pin through the strips. It is amazing how well this trick works!

I am thrilled at the results of this method and I have used it for years!

green yellow red needle pin and safety pins
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