Little known way to care for faux trim

Faux trim has become a popular trend on seasonal items in the past few years. It looks stylish without the cruel drawbacks of using real fur. (more cost effective too)

What seems to go un looked at is the necessity of the occasional cleaning of the article from time to time.

General wear means the need for occasional cleaning. Typically most of these style jackets can be washed, except the faux fur trim…. It washes up good, but it is no friend of heat in the dryer. The once long, full and lush, it turns into a matted, singed, and lumpy knot. Once this happens, there is no going back. Once the heat hits it is detrimental, and your trendy new coat will sit forever in the back of the closet.

There is a way around this though, to keep your jacket looking sharp for the whole season, simply remove the collar if possible, or the entire hood. Wash the jacket as recommended on the label and you are good to go. If the collar or hood is not removable, simply do not put the jacket in the dryer. Hang the jacket to dry. If the jacket still has some light wrinkles when it is done air drying, toss it in a NO HEAT dryer for a few minutes.

The trim is popular on coats but is also commonly found on seasonal sweaters as well. Again, while these garments are usually wash and wear, the trim needs some extra attention. Even after washing and air drying the trim becomes matted looking. A good medium bristle brush will do wonders for the trim as you pull it through the fibers a few times. You will see a difference immediately. This can be done periodically in between washings as well to keep the faux fur looking its best.

The same can be said for the faux fur collar on a coat. Use a medium bristle brush to pull through the fibers a few times and you are good to go. This sounds simple enough, but I would definitely stay away from any heat source after washing a coat or garment with this decoration.

Photo by Andre Furtado on faux fur trim can look expensive.

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