About Me

About me: Hello, I am Trina.

I am a 3rd generation drycleaner.

Interesting occupation, I know. I did not choose this path, it was my destiny from a very young age. My grandparents started the family business in 1947 and realized the American dream. My grandmother was the daughter of Norwegian immigrant parents and had the strongest work ethic of anyone I have ever known. That was never more evident then when my grandfather passed away suddenly in 1952 and she was left to run the business by herself. My mother joined her after graduating and there they remained through thick and thin, but together. I never really thought that was going to be my path, I wanted to be a teacher. However, when my grandmother got sick and my mother needed help, I filled in. 33 years later, we were still hard at it. Not sure if we were crazy or just felt tied to the legacy, but we worked hard day in and day out for our community. In 2019, I lost my co worker and best friend. I could not continue without her as my cheerleader. My heart was no longer tied to the empire that my family built and sustained for 73 years.

It eventually became clear to me that I have some valuable and useful information to share so I started this blog.

My site name, Chasing Butterfly shadows, reflects my drift in the wind as I embark on a new journey of sharing my knowledge and tricks that I have learned over the years on this blog. While doing that, I am fulfilling another dream of becoming a better writer. Thank you for your patience as I stumble along down this new path, and thank you for stopping by to meet me.

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